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Coala Modern Fashionable Furniture

The new brand, COALA, was launched in 2003. Creative teenager household is popular among national dealers and overseas market. The fashion design, rich color, full functional, and environmental-friendly quality ensure good use of every inch of space in your room. It companies the healthy growth of children.

SOHO Modern Fashionable Furniture

SOHO brand is created in 2013, with contracted and easy style. Clever bed ark combination not only makes full use of limited space, saving space, but also brings unique fashion effect, showing the beauty of the wisdom; Warm mature oak and black/white free collocation, creating natural and fashionable feeling by


FOSHAN NANHAI JIALI FURNITURE CO., LTD Was founded 25 years ago in 1987 specializing in the development and production of modern contemporary furniture. We are always market oriented and maintain the values of using unconventional ideas for our design that is merge with our effective management to create a range of stylish products. With raising acclaim in the domestic and international markets we have achieved the lS09001 international quality certification and IS014001 environmental certification system.

JIALI furniture’s slogan“Design the Future”. Express our goal to assemble a large number of the industry’s elites to develop a sophisticated furniture industry. We now maintain an excellent team of 300 employees including a R&D team with more than 30 people. Our current production headquarters is in Foshan Nanhai has a modern..

Our Capabilities

Capabilities of  Modern Fashionable Furniture

Product style. Our contemporary bedroom furniture is simple but elegant, with active style and fashionable design. Compared with other youth and kids furniture brand, our products give priority to large area light oak, with wilder applicable age span, making customers feel natural ...

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