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Step one: Using a smart phone to install scanning code software, such as "wochacha", "Win on Quick Code” etc.
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Our Capabilities

Product style. Our product is simple but elegant, with active style and fashionable design. Compared with other children's modern contemporary furnitures brand, our products give priority to large area light oak, with wilder applicable age span, making customers feel natural, pure and fresh. Other children's brand is relatively with larger area color paint.

2. Product function. We make full use of our products. Design of bed box storage space, corner wardrobe, corner computer desk and desk storage tank and other products has special consideration of storage space and practicability. Data analysis shows our products, in store content practical function, is 20-30% higher than the similar products. Our product color series are quite rich. There are more than 26 kinds of color, which is the most color selection among similar children brand manufacturers. We hope that the rich color platform can give dealers more furniture ideas in different regions. In addition, in result security aspect, our product can be called the first in furniture industry. From product development to promotion market, our products passed many performance tests to ensure the safety and durability. For our distributor partners, product is of safety and durability. In after-sales service, there is no worry. We can put more resources and energy in the market business development.

3. Product process difficulty. Our product has special focus on product differentiation and uniqueness. Coping, pie, arc and round stick these four production process, in the industry, are difficult. However, we gain reorganization of our products’ originality.

4. Green environmental protection products. Our modern bedroom sets adopt E1 melamine MDF board, with good stability and environmental safety. Products passed the SGS inspection of the famous agency in Geneva institutions and Germany TUV inspection, also won the Chinese enterprise certification system demonstration unit credit.