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Quality Control

In terms of quality control, we will control from purchasing, material, production and packaging:

Purchasing: in the purchase of plate, hardware, paint materials and other related accessories, we will require suppliers to provide relevant inspection certificate/ quality certificate to ensure the safe, practical, durable of the raw materials. Our suppliers are domestic high-quality suppliers, which guarantee the quality of the raw materials.

Material: for the first time using plank, paint, cartons and other raw materials, our quality department will carry out the trial test (such as plate thickness and hardness). Test results ensure qualified usage; paint will have small application first and evaluation on color, smell, etc. Only products achieving the standards will be adopted. All raw materials will have sampling inspection to ensure quality safety, preparing for the next batch production.

Production process: in the process of production, we will have a "first test" to do inspection on every panel; Then in the process of production, there will be sampling observation to makes every effort to filter out all the unqualified factors before the product finished; after the first inspection and sampling observation, there will be test and inspection on product assembly to see if there are other problems on the stability of the products and hardware applicability, etc. After test and inspection, there will be finished product batch sampling inspection, as a final inspection before finished product packaging process.

Package: our carton quality standards meet international export standards. Safely and effectively protection on the plate can ensure intact plate delivered to clients; For some products containing glass like mirror of the wardrobe, we will protect the glass in a special package, using thicker pearl cotton and foam packaging, then carton packaging. Finally, there will also be wooden box in the outside to have triple protection on fragile products.