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Soho SO01

Soho SO01
Soho SO01
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  • SO3101-T11
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Product Message:
Model Product Desc Products Size (mm) Cbm KGS
unit unit
SOC01-A2-T bed base 1970×1210×825 0.22 72.00
SO5101-T11 2-door wardrobe 800×580×2365 0.24 112.00
SO2201-11 movable desk 1400×450×750 0.07 17.70
SO3101-T11 nightstand 365×350×535 0.04 16.60
SO5401-T corner cabinet 1250×580×2365 0.28 127.00
SO7101-T11 wall cabinet 2398×297×2365 0.41 169.50

Place of origin: China
Price Terms: FOB, CIF
Payment Terms: L / C, T / T
Package: SETS / 40' HQ: 53
Minimum Order: 1x20ft by mix items
Delivery Time: 25 30 days after check the deposit
Brand Name: SOHO

1. The 1.2m bed fit mattress size: 1200*1900*180mm
2. The active desk can be moved, it’s very convenient for writing or reading.
3. The wall cabinet and corner cabinet made by stalinit, the color can be black or white.
4. Material for the products is MDF with some strengths: even texture, fine density, good stability, environmentally safe.
5. The main color is OAK color(5 options),and the match color can be MDF melamine or lacquered color  (total 26 options), the main color and match color can be combined freely.


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