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Soho SO02

Soho SO02
Soho SO02
  • Soho SO02
  • SO5302-V1157
  • SO7102-V11
  • SO5302-V1157 INSIDE



Product Message:
Model Product Desc Products Size (mm) Cbm KGS
unit unit
SOB02-V1157 bunk bed 1982×1202×505 0.61 229.60
SO5302-V1157 2-door wardrobe 800×560×1800 0.17 72.70
SO7201-V11 wall shelf 1100×180×516 0.03 12.60
SO7102-V11 wall case 640×640×250 0.06 18.70

Place of origin: China
Price Terms: FOB, CIF
Payment Terms: L / C, T / T
Package: SETS / 40' HQ: 78
Minimum Order: 1x20ft by mix items
Delivery Time: 25 30 days after check the deposit
Brand Name: SOHO

1. This is a construction shaped combined contemporary modern furniture , the study desk and drawer type bed manifest your youth ambience at the base of practicality.
2. The active bed can be polluted when you want a sleep, and after you got up, it can be pushed in to save the space for you.
3. The drawer stair is a stair and also a drawer, it can be a storage for the little things.


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